The creative process in not something I choose to do, I have to. I remember when I was younger and would find myself a little down and my father would ask me. "Have you done anything creative today?" It's what heals me and keeps me whole.

I studied photography, journalism and art at East Texas State University in Commerce, Texas (now Texas A&M Commerce). I have been an editorial photographer for three decades. In recent years I have created a stock library and have shown my fine art images in around the Dallas area. My imagery is about bold simplicity.

I am also an abstract painter. It is such a powerful means of expression for me. I mostly work with acrylics and often add elements from nature. I have three series completed at this time.

From the Void was part of lmy Three Cubed exhibit. These paintings are acrylic with elements of nature. My thoughts were to start with a black canvas and then bring in the light. I am in a bit of a trance when I work. I have no real plan. I just connect with spirt and go.

Water is made of of seven wooden panels and acrylics. The thing I love about this series is that each section stands on its own. The paintings can be hung in a line side to side or up and down, accending to decending, the opposite or Individually.

Chakra is a series of imagery very close to my heart. After the loss of a loved one I created seven acrylic paintings on canvas of the seven chakras. Each painting is filled with symbolism. I then photographed the paintings and added other photographic elements. I offer these geclee prints as a collection and individually.